Florida Consulting LLC
an Architectural firm specializing in commercial roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall assemblies
Jameson M. O'Donnell, AIA, NCARB, 724 554 8758
Michael S. Lechleitner, CSI, CCS, RCI, RRO, 814 659 9975
1210 Brighton Road, Pittsburgh PA 15233

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Our Company

Florida Consulting LLC reorganized in January 2018!*

Jameson O'Donnell is now President and Co-Owner. jameson@floridaconsultingllc.com 724 554 8758
Mike Lechleitner is now Vice President and Co-Owner. mike@floridaconsultingllc.com 814 659 9975

Kris Kennedy, former President and Co-Owner, is now our office manager.
Tim Lydon continues to perform assessments and construction observations.
Jeff Dietz joined us in September 2018 as a project coordinator.
Rich Florida, former Vice President and Co-Owner, retired in October 2018.

Florida Consulting LLC is an architectural firm specializing in commercial roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall assemblies in Pittsburgh PA. Florida Consulting LLC was established in 2006.

As an independent company, we provide unbiased professional roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall assembly advice. We assess existing assemblies to help determine repair and replacement options. We specify the appropriate products for each project to help protect your investment and enhance the long term performance of the building envelope. We observe construction to help ensure proper installation and trouble shoot unforeseen existing conditions.

  • We're a licensed architectural firm in Pennsylvania and West Virginia (doing business as Florida Consulting PLLC).
  • Jameson O'Donnell and Kris Kennedy are licensed architects in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
  • Kris Kennedy is the only RRC (that we know of) in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
  • Mike Lechlietner and Kris Kennedy are both Registered Roof Observers (RRO).

*Our name and tax id number remain the same.
*Our new mailing address: 1210 Brighton Road, Pittsburgh PA 15233-1602
*We are no longer a WBE.

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